Welcome to Yogi’s Cooking Blog!

Yogi’s Cooking

Specializing in Healthy, Delicious Vegan World Fusion Cuisine        

Serving the Farmer’s Markets around the greater San Francisco Bay Area



Jacob and Emily Marshall at the Berkeley Vegan Earth Day Festival

Thank you for stopping by our official blog and temporary website. Please have a look around to learn about who we are, our mission, philosophy, what we offer and where you can find us. Yogi’s Cooking is excited to announce that we are currently in 20 farmer’s markets around the SF bay area.  Please stop by our Farmer’s Markets page to find out where we are so you can stop by your local market to pick up some of our healthy cuisine!

Please Follow our blog. There is a follow button to the right on the sidebar. You will receive updates via email when we make new posts. They will be filled with discounts, health and wellness tips, notifications on new markets , events and festivals.

We are excited as a family to be working at creating a sustainable green business that works to co-exist a healthy symbiotic relationship to all things. The more we have your support the more we can continue to green our business! We are dedicated to making the changes that we need to make this business in integrity with our mission for a healthy whole planet. Every little bit of your postive energy helps us to grow and expand  with these values. Thank you.

To your health and well-being,

Yogi’s Cooking Family

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1 thought on “Welcome to Yogi’s Cooking Blog!

  1. I loved your products when I bought them in Napa or was it Sonoma? Unfortunately, I can’t make any of the other farmers markets because I work weekends. Can I get them anywhere else? Whole Foods? Any local market?

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