Cooking Classes- educating and nutritionizing the community through food

Our cooking class this past Sunday was fabulous! Everyone loved Yogi, the delicious food, and learned some great healthy recipes they can incorporate into their cooking at home! As in the words of Yogi; “Cooking is like meditation it takes focus and love.” 

We are excited to be expanding into adding more classes and other educational courses and workshops. We loved teaching people about the medicinal properties of the spices we use as well as some tips and tools for healthier living and eating. 

We have another class this August 11th from 430-6pm in Martinez. 

Please join us by RSVPing  at

Here are some beautiful pictures from the class below! 


ImageImageLooking forward to seeing you at our next class! 


Yogi’s Cooking Family 



2 thoughts on “Cooking Classes- educating and nutritionizing the community through food

  1. Hi Yogiscooking,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, I’m fourteen (turning fifteen in October) and I’d like to start a cooking class at my nearest high school (I’m actually in homeschooling but I attended this school previously). They already have a cooking class at the high school, however I would like to start a vegan cooking class and educate the students about vegan cuisine and nutrition, debunk myths surrounding veganism, and talk about animal rights and animal cruelty. I’m fairly young but I have studied a lot about animal rights and I know tons of vegan recipes that I would love to share, and guide people on their vegan journey. I’m not sure if the school would let me, but it is worth a shot, don’t you agree? I also read something about needing to have a servsafe certification if you want to start a cooking class? I’m obviously too young to go to cooking school, but perhaps the school will let me start a vegan class anyways. What do you think? Any tips or suggestions? Thanks xx
    Kindest Regards

    • Hey there! Go for it! Stay true to your passion and self. Go talk to them to see if they would be open to the possibility. The important thing is to remember that everyone has a choices weather they want to eat meat or not—its not about changing them—but educating them so that they can make better and healthier choices for themselves and the planet. Good luck! you have all our support!

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