Spiced Fig Date Chutney- limited time only!!!

For a limited time only at the market:::: Seasonal Fig Chutney made with figs from my Mom’s backyard. That’s right. Homemade, Organic and utilizing fresh organic ingredients from the farmers market- DUH!!

Your job: Get saucy with it

On what? 



Downtown San Francisco Civic Center People were droooooooooling over it. 


Come and get it =)

Cooking Classes- educating and nutritionizing the community through food


Our cooking class this past Sunday was fabulous! Everyone loved Yogi, the delicious food, and learned some great healthy recipes they can incorporate into their cooking at home! As in the words of Yogi; “Cooking is like meditation it takes focus and love.” 

We are excited to be expanding into adding more classes and other educational courses and workshops. We loved teaching people about the medicinal properties of the spices we use as well as some tips and tools for healthier living and eating. 

We have another class this August 11th from 430-6pm in Martinez. 

Please join us by RSVPing  at yogiscooking@gmail.com

Here are some beautiful pictures from the class below! 


ImageImageLooking forward to seeing you at our next class! 


Yogi’s Cooking Family 


Join us for an intimate culinary experience!

Vegan World Fusion Cuisine

You are cordially invited to the Yogi’s Cooking family home

for an intimate culinary experience!

Join us to:

  • Learn some treasured Yogi’s family recipes
  • Journey into the land of spice to ignite your palette
  • Discover the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom through food
  • Come have fun and share with others in the Yogi’s Cooking Community  

When you come:

  • Enjoy a special summer refreshment
  • Taste everything Yogi creates
  • Get to know the Yogi’s Cooking family
  • Take home our family recipes
  •  Ask us questions and get how to’s

When: Sunday August 4th, 2013 from 4:30-6:00pm

              Cost:  $35.00 per person  


(When space fills we will notify you and give you future dates of classes)

For any questions contact us at: yogiscooking@gmail.com or (925) 609-4544

We look forward to our time together!

Blessings, Yogi, Kristi, Jacob and Emily


Spring Update

Yogi’s Cooking

Specializing in Healthy, Delicious Vegan World Fusion Cuisine

Serving the Farmer’s Markets around the greater San Francisco Bay Area


Yogi’s Cooking Update! Hey all you wonderful people who have been supporting us at the markets. We are so appreciative of your feedback and support. Many of you have known us as serving Vegan Indian Fusion Cuisine. Well, we have realized that we use all sort of ingredients from around the world including spices. What we have always done is gotten creative with our cooking. Combining asian noodles with indian spices and curry into spaghetti sauce. Cooking is a form of creativity. As a family, we like to pull out our improvisational skills and get down to bussiness. Sometimes, its good, and sometimes not so good. We adjust, throw out, and sometimes make a masterpiece! Some of the new products we are inventing and perfectng are our Vegan and Gluten Free Empanadas, various salads with greek inspired ingredients and our quinoa mashup. (Don’t want to give you all the details, got to keep you surprised too!


Here is a recent pic snapped at Oakland Veg Week. We served up some of our delicious pakora and sauces. It was great seeing our community getting educated about healthy eating and living!

935440_574109392622497_625837889_nIt was my birthday (Emily here) so after Oakland Veg week we went out to dinner at La Costanera, one of my favorite places in Montera. (right next to our Half Moon Bay Market folks!)

photo-4Stay tuned folks!

We are newly in Oakland on Wednesdays from 10-2 at 21st and Grand right by kaiser!


Yogi’s Cooking Fam

New Products out this Summer!

Yogi’s Cooking

Specializing in Healthy, Delicious Vegan World Fusion Cuisine

Serving the Farmer’s Markets around the greater San Francisco Bay Area


We are having fun in the kitchen coming up with some original recipes for this summer including: Black Bean Butter, Tahini Thai Basil Chutney, and Pineapple Chutney! Delicious!!!

What is Black Bean Butter?

Black Bean butter is our delicious new spread/dip made with organic black beans, onion, ginger, indian spices, sea salt, lime juice, fresh herbs: oregano, chives, and cilantro. It is light, refreshing and truly satisfying. It is great on sandwiches, amazing on nachos, good to dips veggies in! I love it with our garlic cilantro chutney= divine.

Herbs in the black bean butter from my garden

Black Bean Butter Ingredients

with chips and our garlic chutney —splendid indeed~

Tahini Thai Basil Chutney-

I have always been in love with thai spices: galanga root, lemongrass, coconut milk, mint etc…which inspired me to make this new delightful spread/sauce. Here are the ingredients: Raw sesame seeds, organic lemon juice, olive oil, coconut milk, basil, thai spices, sea salt, toasted coconut. This is wonderful accompanied with our fire roasted bell pepper chutney on our gluten free pakoras. This makes an excellent salad dressing as well as a delicious sauce over pasta! and don’t forget—–Get your dip on!

Jake’s favorite chutney: Tahini Thai with Fire Roasted Bell Pepper

Pineapple Chutney-

When the summer nights get hot—we get our grill on and that means needing a delicious refreshing sauce to top off our grilled veggies, meats, tempeh or tofu! This is a wonderful sauce that can substitute for mango salsa. Excellent on salmon and grilled chicken for all those fish and meat eaters out there! Here are the ingredients: Pineapple, sea salt, curry, lemon juice, indian spices.

“HOT Pakora!”

Thanks for your love and support at the markets. Please check out our farmers’ markets page to see where you can find us!

Yogi’s Cooking Fam

Welcome to Yogi’s Cooking Blog!

Yogi’s Cooking

Specializing in Healthy, Delicious Vegan World Fusion Cuisine        

Serving the Farmer’s Markets around the greater San Francisco Bay Area



Jacob and Emily Marshall at the Berkeley Vegan Earth Day Festival

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